Dinner with Roommate at Nando's@Taipan USJ10

iced lemon tea - RM5.90
1/4 Chicken + chips + Mediterranean rice- RM17.90
1/4 Chicken + chips + Spicy rice- RM17.90

Honestly, this was like only the 3rd times, i'm dining in the Nando's so-called Chickenland. yup, not my regular meal and should also claim that it is not really my favourite either. so, that night was like an introduction moment for my cutie roomate here. hehe...kembang lah kau akuh cakap dia comel, perrgghhhh!!! hahahha

So, lets define the must-have menu above. yup, its all about chicken wherein you can pick up the right flavour and size that suites your hunger. mine is fully enough with the 1/4 part of the per-peri chicken with the mild taste on it. those 2 sides are optional and actually, got several of choices. i'm gonna say the chips and corn (not in the pic) are the best and please, avoid the Mediterranean rice as it is tasteless (the white one as in the pic)!

Frankly, i'm not really interested of dining in Nando's. the reason might be because i've not try out any other menu besides this chicken per-peri dishes. hmmm..should give another chance lor. oh, btw the drink is refillable!

Oh, one of the most crucial thing is the decor of both the exterior & interior plus the ambiance are absolutely great! sorry, no photo available from my Canon EOS. so, i'm borrowing from the google man. check out the pics below since i recommended that if you are ever wanna make a first visit to Nando's, you should choose this USJ10@Taipan franchise.  :)

credit both photos to the owner.


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  1. Gambars are so cantik my dear. You looking radiant too. I never had nando's before. Nak try!!

  2. tq dear..hahahha after undergo some editing baru radiant hahhahahha...hmmm u should try la not bad for the 1st timer..hehehe


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