Babes, Forever 21 is still on SALE!

Finally, i just can't stand my enthusiasm of forever favaurite store, F21 anymore! they are having CNY SALE till this coming 16th. so, i rushed to the Sunway pyramid's when my boss gave me the half-day working on the last Friday. not really satisfied as it was only a short hunting like 1 hour duration since i've got a spa appointment afterwards. Fuhh, what a busy life!

Nevertheless, i managed to grab 2 pieces of green shade and some accessories with the total lost of RM 150. thank God as it was still in my shopping budget for this month wherein i don't suppose to shop anything at all. huhu..bad behavior!

yup, i can't wait to wear that belang-belang sweater top. the colour is just soooo attracting although it was not my target to spend more than RM50 for a piece. please know that i've got this kinda attitude when we talk about sale, i will working so hard finding the cheapest one!

Oh while doing the hunting, i kept on busy with my phone, camera and etc. haha..because i'm too excited over the latest trend of this season. so, Green shades is everywhere: checked! checked!

Balearic prints: checked! but i'm not buying it since i'm rarely wearing a blazer though...

Mosquito : double checked! hahaha..joking!! XD

Anyhow, i wanna confess that Sunway Pyramid's F21 got a better collection compare to Pavii and Mid valley. i don't know the valid reason as maybe it was just incoincidentally happened. all i know is i am still aroused over the sale and wanted badly to visit another branches. huhu..habis lahh duit hakuh!!! (">.<)

Thanks for reading and have a nice CNY Holiday ma...enjoy! ^^


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  1. So fun! I am having long weekends but in Singapore almost 90% of the shops are closed for CNY! Lucky you to be staying in such a state.

  2. waahh! shopping sakan..bila kita nak keluar shopping sama-sama ni?? hihiii..

  3. kalau dh dpt gaji mmg shopping sakan ler leeza.

  4. Suzai must look so gorgeous and forever 21 :)

  5. naqiah-->hmmm maybe bcoz this visit was like 2 days b4 the CNY ma..hahaha should spend ur CNY holiday in Malaysia lah me ok ;)

  6. syafiqah-->hahah NO HAL but this month n next month mmg sy kna kuarantin dh..haiyoooo byk shopping dh! pening2.. XD

  7. leeza-->hehehhehe...skg rase bersalah!!! XP

    azham cyg-->hahhahahhaha yes yes PUJI LAGI PUJI LAGI!!! hahahhhaha XD tq dear!!!


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