My Baby Aqua Pix 35mm Waterproof LOMO Cam

Yeahhh...finally, got my first LOMO camera!! seriously, i've been admiring this type of gadget since the day that i know about its existence in the world of photography. honestly, i've been keeping the urge to buy it since it is quite 'pricey' although it is cheap! hahaha..meant the pricing is RM100 and above lor~

Talking like i don't own the thousand ringgit of DSLR?! hahahaha...i guess it just not the right time for me to own it until on the last week when i've stumbled upon a local online shopping web or like an e-bay called as LAZADA. oh my God, they are just freaking awesome! no lie, check out the page and you will get what i meant.

So, three crucial things that makes me go crazy over this stuff :
1 - CHEAP! guys, it is ONLY RM 25! checked!
2 - Waterproof + LOMO  checked!
3 - Its YELLOW in kaler meh..oh God!!!!  checked!

yup, by having those three features, it was successfully captured my heart, soul & kidney. no need to think twice, i just clicked on the 'CASH on Delivery' method of payment that makes the price became RM 40! urghhhhh...never mind as long as i own it!

OK this is being updated after few months since this post got high views, let me share you the RESULT of photos captured by my little baby here.

#1 man-made swimming pool in Sunway Lagoon
#2 snorkeling at The Perhentian Island
#3 underwater look of  The Perhentian Island

As being told by a reader, this camera is GOOD to be use in a swimming pool but not the sea. well, that sea is a crystal clear one, FYI! yup, but still the result is poor right? so, please don't blame the camera as mentioned i got it at ONLY RM25., its up to you peeps!

Oh, why don't you share your comment in here. any view is most welcome!  ;)


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  1. lepas ni menyelam sambil bergambar la yea..:)

  2. Hai dear, if you can't wait to play with that baby, I can't wait to see the result :D
    please share :D


    Yulia Rahmawati

  3. murahnyer..comel lak tu kaler kuning

  4. the lomo camera is so cute! same with you, I really want it badly but I bought dslr first :D
    I cant wait for the result of the photos ^^ cant wait for your post after you use it.

    Kindly visit my little cream button ♥ | instagram

  5. But! u xboleh bring this camera kat laut... masuk air jugak... i think pressure laut kot..

    I tried before... Masuk air :( then rosak....

    Swimming pool boleh...

  6. gurls-->thanks 4 being sooo excited as i am..hahha yup surely cant wait for the result too but need to go buy the filem dlu lah..hahaha X)

  7. anees-->Ohhh dearr TQ so much for sharing!! seriously i cant bring it to the underwater sea (although like tahap celop2 jerr??) coz that was my actualy aim!! the sea moment.... ;'(

  8. U beli film die kat mane? and price for film..

  9. dear its written there as RM25 but yup bought online at LAZADA it become RM40 kot after postage fees everythin..heh heh and the film got at any KODAK kedai gambar tuh..its a normal filem gulung lorh =)

  10. seriously babe cantik jugak gmbar..tapi i survey kat lazada rm9.90 with free shipping


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