A Date With My Mom.

BANG! BANG! hehe...mom is so cool huh?! :)

A boring Monday on the last CNY holiday has insisted us to go out and about at Pavillion. nothing was really plan and we're just drove straight away into the hub of KL. surprisingly, the traffic was not messy at all although it was a public holiday. so, we're not even in rush and just doing some window shopping UNTIL i went into the F21 store! hhahahhahha...as expected lor~

Then, we have our lunch at the Food Republic and playing the tourist game in front of the stunning entrance of Pavi. hehe..honestly, i always can't hide my anticipation to snap some photos there since the cinematography there is sooooo damn fabulous which will instantly makes you feel fabulous too! hahahha...hape akuh merepek ni?!! ;}

Well, we're even stuck in the Uniqlo store. hahhahhaa..my mom bought a 'snuggie' for her dreamy chilly night at a beach and i was stun by the variety hue of basic jeans which cost only RM49.90. hmmmm..it took me an hour to decide whether i should get the lime or the light peach or the light purple?? or maybe just grab  and pay for both pairs?

Oh God fortunately, i went with a mom who scolded for being soooo shopaholic since this CNY sales. so, i've only grabbed the light purple pair which transforms into a light blue when i got back home?! hahahhahaha..i was actually mistakenly judged the real hue under the bright lighting of the shop lor~

So, the day was ended just like that. :)


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