Bright and Bold @Sushi Q

Tittle: Bright and Bold
Location: One Utama (Sushi Q)
Featuring: Me, Syafiqah & DeqDa
Camera: Canon EOS 550D

Oh, I always adore a photo with an almost perfect brightness and contrast. please refer the first two collages which expressing my thought. the reason is because some people don't favor the bright look as they'd more prefer the vintage one.

admittedly, the photos were undergo minor editing. i'm using the Lightroom 3, a photo editing software which has been introduced by my pro-photographer cousie. tq for sharing though as i can't love any other else since the software is very petty, sleek and awesome!

Anyhow, i love our colour codes on that outing sooo much. it was like a green gradient palette and as the tittle mentioned, bight and bold together make us felt very fresh and young!

Describing on those sushi. yup, i'm not really a huge fan of this japanese cuisine but this serving at the Sushi Q kiosk is just one of my favourite. i don't memorize the name but the '2nd one on the right in the 1st box' is damn delicious! know what, they are well-cook! haha

Yup, go and try it. i'm not sure which level but i guess it is in the 3rd one (maybe~) and located at the extension building between the Old Wing and New Wing. haha..sorry, if i'm not giving any help in here but i guess you can just go through the touch-screened directory je lah~ search for the 'Sushi Q' ok?  =]


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