Lunch Alone at Station 1 Cafe@Taipan USJ10

Tittle: Lonely Lunch
Location: 1 Cafe@Taipan USJ10
Camera: 8 Mpxl of Xperia X10 phone (edited)

Oh, my close friends know so well that how much i hate dining alone. i rather 'tapau' and brings back home. not anymore babes as you gotta learn to be sooooo independent or otherwise your life would be soooo miserable. life is too short to be wasted. be happy and always smile although the reality is actually suck!

hahaha..a bit self-proclaimed moment since i'm a bit stress right now. too many things happened and they just doesn't wanna stop. Urghhh! again, to myself: be happy and always smile although the reality is actually suck!

Lets talking about the overloaded melting cheese on my lunch set just now. please know that i am the fan of rice with cheesesssss. yup, quite a minah saleh taste bud tau!, this one is called as BAKED CHEESE RICE in which actually not my first time eating.

Oh obviously, i'm started melting over this kinda dish when i tasted the forever favourite, Meat Rice with Cheese@Papper Lunch and then, found this super scrumptious Baked Cheese with Seafood Rice@Fish & Co One Utama. yup, that is how the addiction initiating! oh, the total for the set (with drink) is RM10.90 only!

Btw, i've forgot the exact name of the 'come-together-with-the lunch set' drink. haha..sorry as i just can named it by myself which is 'Air Limau Asam Boi' . haha..two words best to describe. seriously sour but in the same time sweet and eventually, i insisted you to try it!! lie, the taste are really tempting and addicting! you just gonna crave more and more..ok, then actually there are lot of attracting food in the menu book especially the cheesy chicken chop! hahaha..yup cheese is everywhere!! so, surely will visit again whenever my colleague leave me alone. haha :)

Note: i love the 1st photo sooooo much. very classy yet sophisticated. hehe


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  1. station 1 ni sedap gak erk.. air menarik. walaupun nmpak kosong.

  2. Aww so yummy! I like cheese too!
    Yes the second photo looks so classy ;)
    I dont like eating alone :')

    Kindly visit my little cream button ♥ | instagram

  3. k.leeza-->hehehhe lupe nk cter sal air...ehh air tu sedap tau...serius..heheh t sy edit post!yuo mmg xsgka 1 station ni byk menu y sedap2 tau..silekn g ok ^^

  4. adeyu-->ohhh my fav yg 1st one dear..its more classy la hehehe..aah benci benci mkn sorg rs cam bodo..hahahha tp nk wat camno!

  5. Rilekslah...I selalu je makan sorang kat UPM tu, or kalau keluar jalan sorang-sorang....seronok gak layan perasaan sambil memikirkan masa hadapan, dulu I risau pasal pandangan orang lain kalau I makan sorang-sorang tapi skrg I dah tak kesah hehehehe :)

  6. hahhaha...xmo xmo tetap xsuke..kdg2 rse cam jer..hahah but seriously ble dh keje ni dh xd classmate kn ble trpakse gak mkn sorg..tgk kat sblah pkcek tu pon mkn LAYAN! cam nk g kat pakcik tu je dok sklai hhahahhahaha


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