Locked Out Of Heaven Live at Ellen

By Friday, February 01, 2013 ,

Oh, you should know that how much i am admiring baby Bruno Mars's live singing. undeniable fact about it, Bruno always makes it fun and fresh! yup, they are never boring although i've got bunch of the same 'Grenade' song saved in my folder but seriously, all those performances are sound different!

That is why i freaking love this man. extremely talented, greatest voice that makes me faint, extraordinary creative and SEXY!, enjoy one of the best LIVE performance of  'Locked Out Of Heaven' at the Ellen Degeneres Show.

OK. the vid cannot be embedded. so CLICK HERE.

hahaha..they were always enjoying themselves! go baby go, you are heavenly BOK! :)


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  1. tak suka sgt bruno mars. tp suka header baru blog ni. baru sizzles...! :D

  2. Salam Suzai, stumbled on your blog from another's blog! I'm amazed for your love towards Bruno Mars hehe! Hope all is well. Love from Sg..

  3. mr zamri-->hahhaha no prob force to fall for him like i do! hahhahhaa..glad u r loving my new SIZZLE header! hahhaha..ckup poyo kn XD

  4. naqiah-->hehehhehehe..yup im so craze over him! hahha tq so much for following dear X)


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