Nano White Infinity: Fruitoniser Cream & Eye Escence

Just wanna share my new beauty bees here. yup, Nano White is the skincare that so far suits me well. let me admit that i've got a very sensitive skin in which i've been trying lot of brands. then eventually, i'm stuck with this and falling deeply in love to try out its variety of products.

So, here are the Night Fruitoniser (a.k.a moistener a.k.a night cream!) cost RM 47.52 and the Soul Out Eye Essence cost of RM 39.02. the night cream is replacing the one that is finished and the eye essence is my experimental on removing my eyes wrinkles and eyes bag. oh btw, need to be mention that the fruitoniser got a seriously great scent! love it.

Honestly, i was not intended to use the eye-cream as soonest as now but after a beauty consultant admonished me to start the routine, i just need to be agree with her. hahahha...Suzai, you are already 20sssss...hahhaha old already ma~

So, hopefully everything is working as great as the toner/serum and finally, whitening my 'sawo matang' skin here! hahhahha...anyhow, check the FULL REVIEW of this brand if you're not reach to it yet. CLICK HERE.

* Ini bukan iklan berbayar. :) just wanna share my own thought & experience. *


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  1. suka review mcm ni... hooo tak berbayar so review ikhlas.


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