Look #78: A Girl's Outing Look

Scarf from H&M outlet / Top and Ring from F21 / Jeans from Diesel / 
Shoes from Bandung / Bag from Charles&Keith

Apparently, the items here were all repeated. CLICK HERE to view the previous one. anyhow, the different here was the combination of the scarf and shoes. should say that the shoes is giving a big impact wherein it triggered casual vibe and streetstyle-kinda-style to the whole look.

more relax and more showcasing me. nothing much i can add in here except that whenever i wanted to 'overly' dress-up myself, i always ended up pairing my fav jeans here with any one-piece top. haha..i was actually wanted to wear a maxi skirt and femininely dress-to-kill but this look was the ending! hahahhaha..so, maxi skirt pon dah berhabok dalam almari sayang oi..hahhaa

Oh, see the blacky bulky ring? (clearer view is on the #1 pic)  hehe..oh, one guy admonished me while wearing that ring by saying "Eee..jijiknyerr.." Ehhh...sangat kurang hasam gileerrr kan?! i macam "Hello dear, this is what people said as fashionable!" *sambil petik jari di langit gaya ngomong sama tangan*

hahahha..no, i am not insulted by his words since guy with a great fashion sense are very few! so, i forgive him because i love him so so much hmm... hahaha...and still with the thought that this ring is freaking STYLISH! thanks for reading and c ya on the next post. ;)


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