Retro & Vintage Sale Party

this is like a LAST MINUTE information that i wanna share with you, the shoplifters especially the VINTAGE LOVER lar~ yup, this is event will be held on this coming SATURDAY 11th June and the next day SUNDAY 12th June!

yeahhh...gurls it is a streetmarket SALE which means you are at the right place if you are looking for a cheap stuff. (^^) omg, the location is NOT-SO-FAR from my home as it will be at the Bukit Jalil, in front of the Stadium Putra & MSN. 

hemmmm..of course i'm thinking of going but not so sure yet as nobody is FREE to accompany me LOL~ this is the sad thing happened when you only have 2 siblings in your family! (~.~)

anyhow, guys for more info, do please check on their FB page at HERE ^^

*just help to separate the words*

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  1. nak pegi......! tapiiiiii... maseh disini tatkale itu... huhuhuh

  2. dear, kalau datang tegur2 la i hehe i confirm ada kat sana.

    Don't hesitate to come ya =)

  3. dtg la (: i ada jual2 jugak kat sana (:

  4. sizzling suzai! nnty datang taw event tue! i join jual2. :)

  5. schajar-->huhuuuuuuuuuuu..i xpegi pon! T.T

  6. planton, niko and syafiqa-->

    LOL sedihnyerrr korg sume ade klu x le kt gather kn..huhu so sad but as i told u guys that i dont hv ppl to go with..huhuuuuuuu maybe insyAllah we'll meet in d future gurls~


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