Ini Papaku, Happy Fathers Day!

do we look the same?! ("^____________^) haha..especially the 'cute' part there!

first of all, i should claim that this FATHERS DAY is really a late post to be publish today, HUH?! the reasons? you need it?! oh..that doesn't matter guys as long as i've successfully wished my dad on the exact date of 19th June 2011 ago! ( this is sounds sooooooo late~)

hemmm...should i tell you that this cute PANDA-look man's biography? (aik..macam kelakar pulak!) HAHA..never mind to be proper introduction i guess i should list out some of the fact that he was born on 27th December 1957 in Kuala Selangor. yup, that explain his soo0o-Javanese-name Encik Sukarjo Muhammad! =D

for me, this man is an open minded person whereas i could share anything with him. yup, including my personal feeling to my crushes, my dorky weekend with my babes, all the FUN concerts that i went without my mom's permission (OOppsss!!) and etc etc etc.

now, why does my dad is soooo differ with yours?! HAHAHA...he is the responsible person who teach us (me and my sister) to hang out at the mapley@mamak. oh, the picture is clearly proved it! and now i'm applying it to all my colleagues..HAHA sorry gurls for this quite bad habit! but it was FUN as you are FREE to gossip in a lousy way in that kind of place. NO PROTOCOL is needed meh~

anyhow, i know he LOVE me although we rarely meet up face to face. we are not living in one roof! (no description is needed for this~) thus, he is SO SPECIAL in his own way. guys, EVERYBODY LOVE THEIR DAD right, so am I! you cannot throw away the feeling and you SHOULDN'T HAVE to do it because he is one of the reason you are created and born to see this wonderful world.

lastly, PAPA happy father's day and adik sayang papa! ("^____^) opps, mama don't be sad arghhh...i'm still loving you in the first place! hahahha....

end with the feeling of one-HAPPY-family ^^

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