LOOK #24 - HFW DAY 7 : Party Hostess

ok...i'm sorry i think i rolled the pants toooooo HIGH! ("~.~)

Salam..HUH in the end this gonna be the last post for this HFW season 2! seriously i'm having so much of fun posting on my look, being inspired by other beauties and receiving lots of encouraging comments. LOVE you gurls,  thanks for being so supportive and (^_____^) hehe..hopefully there gonna be the 3rd season of HFW soon~

yup, today's theme is the PARTY HOSTESS outfit. now, what does it means by the party hostess? and what kind of party that i eager to organize among my besties? and the most important thing is what will i wear? hehehe..check this out~

Day 7 (June 05) - Party Hostess

Last HFW we had Girls' Night Out, but this year YOU are the hostess! What would do you wear when you call your girls over to hang out? What kind of parties or get-togethers do you like best?

F.Y.I : i always anticipate about wearing on a boyfriend style whether it is the pants or the oversized shirt. so, here is my very first attempt on realizing it by 'stealing'  my dad's jeans and paired it with my mom's old electric blue blazer. Oh, i should say that i LOVE that blazer from the deep of my heart. for sure gonna wear it again sometimes~ ^^

hemm..lets talking about the party that i'd like to host with my babes! ^^ proudly to say that we are the adventure lover-mates and we love to do something outdoor. thus, i guess i'd go for an outdoor party with a NICE BBQ set, a karaoke session is A MUST and a long night girls gossiping!

so, thats the MAIN REASON of this whole boyfriend-style look! huhu..by thinking of this whole getting together gossiping and so on, i have to admit that BABES, saya rindu kamoo semua!! ^^ (coz rite now we are separating with each other as we are doing our internship at differ places! >.< )


last word, specially to the HFW organizers, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this very-cool contest and i do hope that i still have the opportunity to participate again in the future. we HEART HFW!

the HFW is end... (>.<)


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  1. your dad's jeans and you mum's blazer perfectly matched! i love this whole look!!

    hopefully to see you in the next hfw! :)

  2. beg kuning tu cantik =)

    p/s: plz help me..i really need a help..visit my page, u will know my problem =(

  3. najlaa-->tq dear..yup hopefully we both cn participate in d next HFW again! ^^

  4. tq cik hani, huhu..dunno i cn help u or not..let us see what is it?! ><

  5. fashioniosta!!!! cantik!! huhuh..nak kenal bolej taK?? hehe..gurau je

  6. hahha alief lama xmai cni..exm da hbis ka? hehe..tq 4 liking my look!! ^_____^

  7. sigmazetaz-->haiyaa..klu u pjm i nk pkai beg mane..tu je y ada! hahah..sedih! =D

  8. ololo siannya, meh sini kita bg present hehe ;p

  9. HAH HAH HAH..dah ckp kena bg!! xksah nk jugak tuntut!!! =D

  10. Yayyy!! Your participating again!! I cant wait its in a couple of days!!!

    woot woot!!

  11. haiyooo..yup im planning to join it again but i failed to shoot any photo yet...huhuhu im quite bz rite now...?!?! neway tq for rejoicing for me dear =))


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