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dedicated to all the K-POP fans readers here (^______^)

omo omo..2PM is back and i know im quite late to talk about their HOT comeback here! ok do i have to say that it is due to my blogger prob recently?! ("~___~) however, i've still successfully listened to all their songs in this 2nd album on the day it was released. it contains 13 songs including the already-top-ranking songs such as "I'll be back", "Without you" and "Don't stop, Can't stop".

anyhow, this album had released on the last 20/6/2011 with the genre of dance POP and for sure they will make you groove with their fresh vibe of "Hands Up" and "Electricity". these two new songs are my fav as it sounds more on electro and hip hop. seriously, it is very refreshing!

more details of the album :
01. Hands Up
02. Electricity
03. Give It To Me
04. 영화처럼
05. 모르니
06. Hot
07. Without U
08. I’ll Be Back
09. I Can’t
10. Hands Up (East4A mix)
11. Electricity (220v mix)
12. Thank You
13. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

now, let me share with you the official MV for the album's title  "HANDS UP". huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...girls get ready with the tissue as this is totally nose bleeding meh~


huhu..i wonder how can these 6 guys be toooo hot huh?! they are cute, extremely good-looking, talented singer and dancer and the most important is HOT!! no, i don't care i still wanna repeat those three alphabets..H.O.T!!

Oh My Junsu!! =)

hehe...innocent wooyoung credited to fl4wless of photobucket  (><)

well actually i wanna share with you the download link of the full album but the blog is close for a while. thus, i think i'll put it later ok?!  ^^

end with......2PM SARANGHAMNIDA!

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  1. hahahhaha...adekah kt berkongsi..OHH ANDWE ANDWE JUNSU IS MINE!!!! =D

  2. Oh ur blog is kinda sophisticated for me.. Hahaha... Since u look damn xcited jmpe akak! Akak pon xcited gak jmpe dak UIA!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha~

  3. wani..sape y stail ni..2pm y sgt hot ni ker?? sy?? hahahaha...just jocking lorr~ thanks 4 dropping by!

  4. haha..thanks kak..ofcoz la sy excited jmp dak uia! iium kesayanganku! =D


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