LOOK #23 - HFW DAY 6 : Vacation / Travel


Salam...hua hua i'm so excited about today's theme as TRAVELLING is one of my million interest! sadly, i've still don't get the chance to travel oversea yet but i do BELIEVE that once i start earning my own salary, i will go to any places in my list. =)

thus, here i chose to go for a modern city like the famous fashion city New York or Singapore the nearest one ("^^) or my dream place the Seoul, Korea. HAHA..obviously the reason is because i can dress up myself to the max while having a FUN vacation!

then here it is... ^^

Day 6 (June 04) - Vacation / Travel

Time to kick back and relax! What do you wear on vacation or while traveling?

lets talking about the outfit. Ok the jacket and jeans are unbranded ("^^), the red top is from Cartoon Network..HAHA..and the killer nude heels was bought from Sis Ami. (tq kak the shoes is still done a great job here! ^^) and the beautiful bag is my mom's..hehe

yup, tomorrow is the last day of this HFW and for sure there gonna be more interesting theme. so, just stay update and be inspired by us ok?! lastly, you are welcome to check out another great look by other hijabi beauties at the loveHFW. then, Daaaaaa~

the HFW is to be continue...

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  1. chic outfit! love the bag and shoes.xx


  2. the outfit looks super fly on you!<3 :))


  3. pinjam beg buleh tak??? hehehehe

  4. Hi there, I like your shawl and jacket! Followed! Do drop by mine :)


  5. i love ur moms bag seriously!! big yet stylish! gonna find one like urs

  6. Sizzling suzai, kenapa cantik sgat! Suka! :)

  7. beautiful sis :)

  8. alina-->tq gurl..ok will check u out soon~ ^^

  9. haha..aisyah tq so much! <3 hei, pasan x pose kt sama lah..hahha the way we hold d bag n d hand that we put it d pocket..hahha check it~ =D

  10. lylia n plankton-->hahahah tq so much gurls 4 liking it..hahha tp itu bag mak sy sy pon PINJAM jer!! hahaha

  11. humairah-->thanks 4 droping by here.. will visit u soon k ^^

  12. najlaa, niko, maiyach --> gurls thanks u so much 4 loving my look here..hehehe i appreciate it from d deep of my heart! <3

  13. dear.. sorry i took one of your picture without your permission first..
    but i put your link though..

    the pic is in this entry..
    but if u didn't like it.. i will take it out..

    once again.. sorry..(- -")

  14. jameela-->omg u included me w those fashionista..tq so much..no u dont hv 2 say sorry coz u link back to me..im fine w that~ seriously..kamsahmnida! ^^

  15. u deserved it what..thank god ur not mad.. if not.. can only say..binnada.. hehehehe...susah btul kalau dua2 gile k pop ni kan?

  16. yup im not mad at all coz u r actually promoting my infamous blog here..hw cn i b mad of that?! hehehhe..tq dear 4 such honor k~ ^^

    hahhaa..yup yup im crazy bout k-pop!! =D

  17. salam Sizzling.. :)

    this is wht I like the most among ur HFW outfit! <3

    u look so confident, and gorjes.. like it!

    been following you, dear! mind to fol me back? :)

    Icha from Indonesia :)

  18. icha tq so much..n glad u guys like it ^^ thanks 4 d following as well~


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