[coming soon] Super 8

Directed by  J. J. Abrams and produced by the top filmmaker  Steven Spielberg

okeyh..this is the type of movie that I'M DYING to watch in the cinema. as i told you soooo many times that my fav genre of film is thriller type which exposing scaring, haunting, murdering and psycho scenes! HAHA..scary huh?! people will ask me why spending money to scare yourself? i don't have the answer but what i know is i love it so much.. ("^.^) hemm...maybe the effects LOL~

now, lets talk about the film, here is shorty synopsis of this so-mysterious film.

In 1979 in the fictional town of Lillian, Ohio a group of teenagers are making a movie with a Super 8 mm film camera when they witness a train crash. They suspect it was not an accident. There are disappearances and unexplained events around town, and the local deputy investigates the cause of the events leading to the discovery of something inhuman

don't get it..watch the foggy trailer here, i meant you couldn't expect what is really happening. therefore, it will excite you to watch it on this coming 10 June 2011!

lots of commenter saying that it is about an alien or a monster or any huge thing that related to them. hemm...but as i saw it i felt like there is a virus which turns the human-kind to be like a monster..HAHAHA this is happened when you hv watch lots of fiction movie! =D

neway, just wait and see do i really go to the cinema or just DOWNLOAD it! haha..but this is the thing you can get a FREE PRE-SCREENING from the Nuffnang by visit their page, ok faster LOL~ huhu..i can't participate as it will be on Wednesday and i have to go for a work on the next morning..sheeeeeeeeeettt!

dear Nuffnang, why don't you guys change the pre-screening on the friday or saturday night? i don't get it why you guys always make it on the WORDLESS WEDNESDAY LOL~ ("~___~)

thanks for reading yarrrr...XOXO you my readers! ^^

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