i'm craving for this!

By Thursday, June 02, 2011

image credited to by skinny.jeans

well honestly i LOVE  the bolognese more than this cheesy creamy sauce but i don't know why i feel like i'm still wanting this! ala ala cam mengidam gitu lah~ ("~____~) i've tried it once at the Kenny Rogers and after 2 or 3 bites, i felt like vomiting!

oh, ok actually i'm craving this salivated dish since yesterday when i stopped by on the way back to my home to buy the cream can. yup, gonna cook it tonight! i wanna make this shorty short. the reason of all this is because me and my mom LOVE the same channel which is the AFC [Asian Food Channel] on the Astro, 703!

we used to watched it after the Buletin TV3 and yup, after the dinner. so we were already full during that time but still those programs on that channel is turning me on especially when they cook something Italian like this or grilled on the fresh meat or baking the sweet sweet cookies...OH MY STOMACH!

then, i guess i should end here as my stomach is already playing the ROCK&ROLL song. thanks for reading my craving story and have a nice dinner! Daaaaaaaaaa.....~ ^^

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  1. *drools*

    suddenly i'm craving for something creamy!

  2. hahhaha...srruuppppppppppppp it back dear~ ^^


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