[what's up K.L] Beast Fan Meeting Live in Malaysia 2011

Boy group BEAST (aka Boys of EAst Standing Tall) consists of 6 hunky and talented members namely Yoon Du Jun, Jang Hyun Seung, Yong Jun Hyung, Yang Yo Seob, Lee Gi Kwang and Son Dong Woon. The group started out in 2009 with their debut of first mini-album, “Beast Is the B2ST” which sold over 20,000 copies in a month. They subsequently released mini-albums “Lights Go on Again”, “Mastermind” and “Shock of The New Era” which overall sale recorded more than 300,000 copies which proved the group’s formidable popularity. And the group seems to be gaining momentum day by day.
BEAST was recognized by fans and music critics as a boy group with outstanding singing ability. The group has fetched numerous awards namely the ‘Asia Influential Artist’, ‘The Best Newcomer’, among others. Rising to international fame, BEAST was invited to perform in many other countries including America (Los Angeles), Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.
Jointly organized by FlyerVision Entertainment and Star Planet, BEAST is going to wow the fans and put on an awesome show at their 1st Fan Meeting Asia Tour concert. Tickets are priced at RM388 (VIP), RM288 (PS1), and RM188 (Rock Zone).
Tickets will be open for sale from 25 May 2011 with a 10% discount given (limits to the first 500 tickets only). Tickets are available at Sunway Lagoon main entrance and all designated TicketCharge outlets. For more information, call Star Planet 03-92233667/TicketCharge 03-92228811 or visit www.starplanet.com.my/www.flyer-entertainment.com.
Ok this is another part of [what's up K.L] for this coming JULY which will be happen just tomorrow LOL~ 1st July 2011..omg omg omg i can't believe it that i just stay calm and sitting at home while these 6 cute guys are here in Malaysia!! (T___T)

Arrrgghhhhhhhh..again i've to just LET THIS GO for this 2nd time BEAST is here in Malaysia. omo..Beast i don't know when will we meet up for real. HUHU..the only hope is the MTV World Stage 2011 soon as you guys will be joining the other big international artist. Woowww...CHUKEYO for this big achievement guys!

for those who don't have any idea bout this young and super-talented 6 guys, you have to listen or the BEST is watch their LIVE performances. they are all GREAT singer and dancer. seriously, im not jocking! (>"<) in the additional their songs are all my favourite and for sure you will LOVE to as it is so refreshing.

huh..i know you wouldn't believe me. try search and LISTEN to this list :

Bad Girl
Soom (Breath)
On Rainy Days (my current addiction!)

oh ok..i guess you are too lazy too search and so on. just PLAY this vid of their LIVE performance. i think this 1st debut single of them is the BEST for the beginning. hehehe..  ^^

*** information is credited to StageKL ***

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