LOOK #25 - A Lady in the Red Kebaya

red gradient scarf from Times Square
hot red Kebaya nyonya from Malacca
bottom of a baju kurung worn as a skirt
unbranded yellow/mustard clutch from One Utama 
sunnies from Cotton On
the 4-inch Vincci black heels

HAHA...first of all let me explain the reason of that sunnies that had spoil the classy look there. the whether is just too hot, so i'm trying my best to look as cool as i can. HUH....please just ignore it people! =P

hence, this beautiful red kebaya is actually my mom's but she just wore it once. then, she officially gave it to me as she cannot fit it anymore. hehehhee..thank you mom for such a lovely piece here! neway, i love it so much. the colours, the details and the classy design there, it just so perfect for a wedding or any formal event as long as they didn't state any theme for their occasion lor~

besides, i also love the way the design tend to outline my curve, so it makes me look slimmer. HOHO..although it will prevent you from eating too much, so be careful gurls! ("^^)

ok, later i'll post about the place that i went while wearing on this outfit with my mom and my very-best friend!

so, here is the beautiful lady who actually owned that kebaya and illegally became my photographer on that day. terima kasih ma...you know that your daughter LOVE you rite?! ("^_____^)

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  1. wow..merah you! maera tak berani sgt nak pakai merah..tkt tak seswai ngan kulit..huhu~

  2. khumaera-->hehe i guess RED is just made for me n y dun u try check on d colour that suit ur skin.. ^^ so dat u cn b confident bout it dear~

    try to visit this..hopefully it cn help u k


  3. haha..tq akk pinky ku..setia mnjenguk sy! =)

  4. You look so cantik!!! :) usually asian people memang sesuai pakai primary colours mcm merah,biru and kuning. :D

  5. merah!cantik sangat sista,..
    i have one piece kebaya from my mother too, very inspiring, i want to try my "mother kebaya" now!

  6. tq hana..yup i guess thats explain the sawo matang skin colour that we hv..rite ^^ hehe thanks 4 dropping by sis~

  7. tq so much maay ^^ yup, maya u should! hehe thanks 4 dropping by sista~

  8. amboiiii.....memang nampak slim la SUzai.... or u da mmg slim? heheheheh

  9. hahha...i diet tauw!!! yeahh yeahh da slim.. =D thanks azham~

  10. hai Sizzling (whts ur real name actually? lol)
    love that kebaya, i want one, please!haha

    u look bold, yet classy! <3
    thx for fol me back, dear.. :)

    xo, Icha.

  11. icha-->tq so much 4 coming here n ofcoz thanks 4 d compliment..hhaaha u should get one when u come here in msia LOL~ malacca is d best place to find this kind of kebaya ^^

  12. olrait, im going there SOON, inshaAllah! and when the time comes, promise me u ll treat me one! lol

    glad to know u, SuZai.. :)

  13. really..icha seriously i really wish its true n do plz dun hesitate to ring me if u r coming here k...mail me then i'll gv the number ^___^

    nice knowing u know as well~


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