[Movie Review] Ladda Land (2011)

first of all, let me say THANKS A LOT guys for all the wishes and prays. i'm so thankful to know that there are people who love my blog and waiting for my updates. omg, what more can i say?! (^.^) tqvm!

now, i'm so excited to make a comeback with a movie review that i watched yesterday which is called as LADDA LAND. yup, it is a THAI HORROR movie that was directed by the same director of the box-office horror film, COMING SOON! ( i LOVE horror movie a lot ^^ )

Lost Land a.k.a Ladda Land is based on a true story on a gated housing community in Chiang Mai that was closed down after a series of mysterious deaths and paranormal ocurrances. okeyh, a little bit synopsis about the film...

Basically, it tells a story about a family who moves to a housing estate called as Ladda Land. they wanted to start a new life there but soon after they moved, a murder was happened at the neighborhood that change the whole happy-look of the residence. its all turned dark and gloomy.

Slowly, the place become scary when it is haunted by the ghost and a series of supernatural events occurred that force the residents move one by one. however, Thee the father of the family still refuse to leave as he had put lots of dream for the house.

The climax is when a tragic murdered again happened at their neighbor house that killed the whole family and this is when their family being haunting by the ghost that lead to the sad ending.....huhu watch it by yourself!

Nah, take a look at the thriller and ready for the goose-bumps!

when i watched back this thriller....omg, this movie is real-scary but why can i feel so relax sitting in front of the screen! the reason is...

first of all, i must say that i was DISTRACTED for the whole time on my seat watching this movie as me and my friend were seating at THE VERY FRONT ROW. so, we got headache and quite uncomfortable LOL~ so, what i can say is it may effected this review a bit! ("~__~) guys, next time please choose another seat~

prominently, it is scary and shocking whenever the ghost came up on the screen since we felt that it is really right in front of us as i said we were just an inch from the screen. HAHAHA...plus the sound effect had done a good job there. thus, i must rank this horror film as 3.99 sizzling stars out of 5.00!

why it doesn't get at least 4 stars because I TOTALLY HATE THE ENDING as well as the beginning of the film! c'mon guys, the ending of a film couldn't be sad as it should always be a happy ending so that we will not feel like we're wasting our money on it. (>.<)

yup, i've also faced a bit prob on the beginning which for me the scary scene is coming out too slow. why you have to wait after half of the story? huhu..because i pay the ticket to watch the ghost meh~ ("^^)

nevertheless, it is worth to watch this movie especially at a cinema because the picture and sounds are more real. so then, i recommended you guys to watch it as well and be ready for the ghost to haunt you in your dream! ...HAHA...

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  1. sounds interesting....tu la sapa suruh x sabar nak p tengok..kan dah sakit leher..hehe

  2. hahhaha...tol2 mmg xsabo dh nk nengok ari lein xd mase..tu yg sapu je seat dpn!hahah last2 pening sampai esok nyer tau! =(


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