Steamboat Hawker Stall (cap Bulan&Bintang)

harr....its been a while that i'm not rambling about FOOD! huhu..sorry food hunters it just because right now i'm staying at my home sweet home doing my internship, so my routine are working, coming back home, eating dinner at home, sleeping as early as 11pm (haha..usually i sleep at 3 a.m!) then tomorrow wake-up and repeating the same boring day~ ("~____~)

so, no more jalan-jalan cari makan with my bestie who love to try on the new food at a new restaurant. huhu..i really miss it because i LOVE FOOD! anyway, lets start talking about this hawker stall of a STEAMBOAT (you've heard it!) a.k.a yong tau foo meh~ (a chinese type of food)

yup, the name of the stall is Bulan & Bintang (hahaha..its the name and you should at least grin now~) and this is one of the franchise which is located at the Jalan Reko, Kajang. to be specific, it is in front of the Econsave, Kajang whereas the Bangi Uptown was held.

honestly, not everybody is comfortable to sit and eat at this type of stall as it is located at the roadside and maybe you were wondering on its cleanliness aspect and so on. however, this HALAL hawker stall is adequate, clean, for sure its HALAL as it owned by a Malay@Islam people and the most important reason is DELICIOUS!

haha..what i meant by delicious is the sauces. they had 4 types of sauces and the best is 'sos 3 rasa' and there are lots of choices but my favaurite is the SQUID. Woohhh, i'm drooling by just looking at the pic! seriously sangat sedap~ ("^.^)

Oh, i don't think i need to describe the prices since it is absolutely CHEAP and valuable. OK, just imagine that my mom, my sister and I having a makan-makan there and it cost us only RM10! guys, no i'm not cheating because that is the specialty of a hawker stall!

now, lets rating this stall. as the food is great, the cleanliness is also great and besides the fact that it is really cheap, thus i give them 4.5 out 5!

thanks for reading and yup, you should give it a try though~ ^^

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  1. arghh....and u've made me drool already....

  2. wehh i'm drooling over the food,it's making me salivate! haha.. nwe I'm really fascinated by indonesian and malaysian food.. I always ask my aunt to bring food from malay/indo everytime she travels there.. inshaallah hopefully I could travel your country! :( sallam..

  3. jln reko marked!

    and yes, i forgive u.

    food hunter.

  4. knp sdp sgt nihhh..he..he..slalu nmpk steamboat ni tp xprnh lps ni nk try

  5. k.ogosh-->klu dh terliur tu mmg wajib g rase lah! hehe

  6. mera-->hahah proudly to say that malaysian hv lots n lots of delicious food..u've gotta try it all girl n btw i love indonesion as well especially the 'nasi ayam penyet' hahaha..

  7. farihah, ayanuts and rabia

    girls u've gotta try it!! =D


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