congrates Wahida for your wedding!

By Thursday, June 09, 2011 ,

guys, what happen when it is school holiday?! HAHA..bunch of wedding invitations will be receive in your mailbox! yup, that is the typical situation here in Malaysia but i don't know is it the same in other country? should answer it for me lor~ (^^)

so, here is one of my friend's happiest day which i got at least 5 invitations for this month. but due to some reasons, i gotta choose the right time and the right place to be, so i'm so sorry guys if i don't attend yours happy-happy day. i will pray for your happiness with your beloved spouse..amin..

now, what is sooo fun about wedding except that the fact a couple is officially tighten their knot and promise to live together for the rest of their life. romantic! ^^ as for me, wedding is also the time for people to gather back after a long time. this is what happened on the last Saturday when me and my school-mates met again after the last 2005!

just look at the photo and you will feel how sweet this short-gathering is~ ^^

yup, that is the lovely bride and the groom. she is my school-mates who doing her internship at the same place as mine. so, we just met again and extend our relationship from school-mate to the internship-mate. HAHHA..whatever~ thus, again CONGRATULATION WAHIDA and i wish you guys had a happy life together as a husband and wife..amin..  (^_________^)

now, this makcik in blue is my very-very-best friend since the last 11 years! ok, i had already mentioned her in my blog long time ago. i don't think i need to promote her again here. HAHAHA..Atie busuk thanks for this short meeting and do forget to call me whenever you get back home..OKAI?! =D sayang kamoo selalu~

neway, peeps if you are envying my HOT RED KEBAYA, you are most welcome to clearly view it HERE k. the looks so much! ^^

ok guys, thanks for reading my blog. always XOXO my dearest reader!

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  1. assalam, kak suzai, you are pretty :)

  2. hai sis! nice pictures and event you had there! anyway, the way you wear you hijab is beautiful, it uses pashmina right? :)

  3. wah2.x aci ni.saya blum dpt mkn nasi minyak lg.and..lg 1,cntik outfit!!traditional2 gitu.hehe

  4. amalia-->terima kasih dik..alahai dik biasa je cantik xd comel ade..haha =D thanks a lot 4 dropping by here dear~

  5. vanilla ice cream-->tq dear..yup its pashmina ^^

  6. ifa-->hahha tu lah kna blk msia cpat! mesti rmai kwn awk nk kawen juge ni ^^

  7. wah..suke sgt ye pd bruno mars, ehehe. sgt tertarik hati ng pic kt sidebar. oo..grenade..nsib bek emiey bkn peminat fnatik bruno mars, klu x, msti jeles mmbara tgk pic tu ;)

  8. mmg da thp giler dh ngan mamat ni~ =D hehe thanks emiey for dropping by here ^^

  9. tq khumaera..ok will wear it more onwards! ^^


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