[what's up K.L] McDonald Olympic Day Run 2011

By Wednesday, June 29, 2011 , , i said in the previous 'event post' that there are lots and lots of FUN EVENTS in this coming JULY. its like you have to properly plan your schedule because you might not want to miss all of them!

still so relax about it. NO WORRY i'll reveal the events one by one. so that you can fill up your weekend for the whole JULY and for sure it will be the hectic month of the year... (^_____^)

now, what is this?? a FREE MCDONALD give out the McD voucher while running around in K.L?? way guys, it is the time for you to RUN FOR CHARITY! yup, this is an annual charity event that is organized by this yummy fast-food. check out the details :

DATE : 17th JULY 2011
TIME : 07:30 am
LOCATION : Dataran Merdeka
FEES : RM 10 (this is so CHEAP for a charity LOL~ )

***  more info or to register yourself : CLICK HERE ***

now, why i bother myself with this?! first of all, i should say that IT IS MY SISTER who drag this thing for our next next weekend. HAHA.....thanks along yarrrr...mari kita sama-sama menguruskan diri!

then, it is my other interest which is jogging on a weekend! should be the reason of CHARITY since this is like a symbiosis whereas BOTH PARTIES GOT THE BENEFITS~ (>.<)

so, lets MEET UP and then RUN for the super delicious McD french fries and my forever FAV vanilla sunday cone! hahaha... ^^

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