Himpunan Jutaan Belia 2011 (Malaysian Youth Day)

putrajaya,himpunan jutaan belia

first of all, let me apologize as this is like a week ago since i've been busying with the HFW for the whole last week. well, i guess everybody knows that there was a big event of Youth Day happened here in Malaysia called as Himpunan Jutaan Belia 2011 (1k Youth Gathering 2011).

HOHO..to be honest the main attraction of this whole event was The International Artist Concert by the Super Junior M that was scheduled on the 28th May 2011. yup, that is also the ONLY reason i was there! ("~.~) guys..don't copy this bad behavior ~

himpunan jutaan belia
look for the countless media there and our prime minister is just an inch from my seat! ><

yup, proudly to say that i was one of the million youth who gathered there during the launching of the event. hehe..if you carefully look at the TV during our Prime Minister's launching speech, you'd probably see me sitting in the middle of the crowd! ^^

one nation emcee
with Mimi the lead vocal of Malaysia One Nation Emcee. she is so friendly! ^^

here are some random pics of the day. well, actually i don't get to clearly see this VERY-HUGE event because i was busy wondering about my SUPER JUNIOR M's concert that night. huhu...remember that was my 1st aimed! ("^^)

seriously, the scale of the event was very-very big. when i say BIG, it means the venue, the programs and etc. they were using like half of the Putrajaya and there was like 3 big stages! so, we were walking like 2km just to find the main stage where the concert will be held. HUH...we were so lucky as eventually it was paid! =)

ok, i knew that you guys already read my previous post about the concert ("^^) so, don't worry i'll not going to excitedly repeat it again. thus, for the ELF you are kindly welcome to visit my post about this so-so-fabulous show by uri SUPER JUNIOR M oppa by CLICK HERE!

this is the tester of what will you gotta be envy..hahahha....nan hengbok hae!! =D

himpunan jutaan belia
super junior m,super junior

yup, this is the ORIGINAL COPY which means i was there who captured this so-crystal-clear pic of SUPER JUNIOR M who was standing right in front of me!! i'll not forget this sweetest moment ever. oppa saranghaeyo~ lalallalalalla..don't make me talk about it coz i'll go crazy when talking about K-POP! ><

and you will hate me~ HAHHAA... =D

lastly, i'd say that THANK YOU SO MUCH to our government as they bring this K-POP sensation here. hoho..i have to admit that hiisyhhhhhhh..this is not the best way to attract the teenagers since we came for SUPER JUNIOR M and not for the goverment. i know i was one of this people and i hate to be one of it! so, don't do this again and do please find another way ok?! hehehehhee...

however, the event itself was actually superb but it just toooo big. when it is toooooooo big ppl will be toooooooooo lazy. thus, for me i think the previous YOUTH FESTIVAL 2010 that was held at the PWTC was the very successful best youth event ever! *this is just my own personal opinion*

thanks for reading dough.... ^^

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  1. this is so awesome! im sure u had such an ah-mazing time!

  2. hahha..yup A-mazing time w suju M oppa! LOL~ ("~~)


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