Jenifer Lopez and her's On the Floor!

J.Lo also known as Jenifer Lopez an American actress, singer, dancer, record producer, fashion designer and the list goes on! she  is extremely HOT and gorgeous. i do LOVE her since "If You Had My Love" in 1999. it was the time when i was 11 years old...oh my god don't count on my age for this 2011...please~ ("~__~)

first of all, i should CONGRATES mrs. Anthony here as she had just crowned THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN 2011 by the People Magazine last month. oh, im dying to post about it since i knew this great news of this 42 hot mommy but it was being postponed till now! hehe..too many stories to be share LOL~

okeyh, the other reason of this J.Lo special entry is i JUST CAN'T STOP replying her new hit-Latin song featuring Pitbull named as On The Floor. the rhythm is so tempting and i go like bouncing on my head when everytime i heard it! =D seriously, it makes you wanna dance. Lalalala...Tonight we gon be it on the floor~

and this is the BEST perf 'On The Floor' LIVE on American Idol....stunning performance!

Oh, another thing that makes me ADORE her so much is she is super talented. shes not just comes with a GREAT PACKAGES (hahhaa..including her insurance-paid 'asset' there~) but she is a GREAT DANCER as well as good actress in Hollywood. i LOVE her's Maid In Manhattan so dem much! it is one of my FAV love story ever~ =)

so natural beauty, perfect smile, perfect skin and perfect BODY! haha..Jenifer Lopez please know that i'm totally admiring you lady! ("^.^)

end with the aim of getting her perfect bodylicious! my dream LOL~

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  1. JLO memang cun..even kulit warna Tan, tapi tetap msia, kalau warna Tan depa ckp huduh..tak patut tul =)

  2. hahaha..tulah i terasa tauw!! hahaha...

  3. memang best kan video ni...dasat tu wife marc anthony ni...kan best kalau dapat jadi macam dia...

  4. kn kn kn..giler mantop perf ni suke sgt! =) haha..meh kt dptkn body cam die!

  5. waaaaaaa Im sure u r a HUGE fan of hers and yes! i cannot deny it. she mmg sangat pretty :) and shes good at dancing. she doesnt earn it. she is born with it.

  6. goodluck ye suzai.. lame x dtg cite ne mcm best?

  7. yup aiman exactly her singing is just nice but her dancing is SUPERB! hehe..

  8. batman tu lah i pon rse cam best but skg da hlg plak feeling best tuh..rsnyer end up cam donlod jerk..hahahha =D thanks 4 dropping by~

  9. followed u yesterday..
    leaving my first comment the next day..

    love j.lo too...menyampah tau bile i kata i TANNED macam j.lo semua dengki.. hehehehhe...

  10. hahaha..dorg bkn dengki tp nyampah! ahhaha..just jocking lor =D neway, le x klu i pon nk juge i pon tan cam j.lo gak tauw! haha..thanks 4 d following n vsiting sis love it so much! ^^


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