Featured : Hijabista Magazine (November 2016)

A tremendous and infinity appreciation to Alif, stylist of Hijabista Magazine for this featured. To be named as "8 Instafamous in Malaysia" is truly beyond my expectation since i am fully aware that my instagram followers are still far away to be on the same level with the other real instafamous. huhu but yeah as claimed by Alif, he adores my fashion sense and im being selected more as a fashion blogger instead of an instagrammer. so, chill! hehe again, thanks a lot Hijabista for this priceless experience, #MuahBanyakCiked !! then, Follow my IG @SizzlingSuzai please so i wont feel as 'small' as this LOL HAHA

Btw, a reminder for you and me, "Do something because you love it, NOT because of following the trend as when you LESS EXPECT, insyAllah you will GAIN MORE!" btw, Click here for the BTS of the photoshoot above. OMG i am so in love with the MUA and that facial shot. thanks for reading :)

Outfit by Yours truly
Hijab styling by @TheLatifi
MUA by @AnnKarim


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  1. Sooo proud of you kak jujai.. Goodluck okay!

  2. alaaa...xnak kawan dah laa...rasa insecure! kahkahkah!

  3. Congrats babe, femes sudah!!! Boleh la mtk sign nnti, hehe =P


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