Look #244 - Classy in Fiziwoo's

By Friday, November 04, 2016 , ,

I do wish you'd love this look as much as i do! A big applause please as i finally own a dress from one of my favourite Malaysia fashion designer, Fiziwoo. purchased it via ZaloraMy with the cost of RM300+ from the last Raya collection is totally a buzz-worthy purchase. the whole garment looks undeniably expensive, so lavish and classy!

Matching it with a satin blue scarf making me feel like a royal princess. sticking to the same palette, i added the white sleeve and the purse in silver shade. sorry for not zooming the shoulder part as it is actually designed with a cape and a dimond detailing at its end. not to mention that the cutting helps me looking slimmer whilst i am actually gaining weight LOL

With My beloved Mom #MamaEton at Sheena's wedding. congratulation babe! :)


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