Featured : ZAHARA Warrior

Alhamdulillah i couldn't be happier when people loving and appreciating on what i've been doing (i meant the blog though haha) as mentioned so many times, i started the blog without expectation that it could go this far and it would be as serious as this! i learn a lot throughtout the journey yet i do love the whole process. again Alhamdulillah for this opportunity and here a bit about me, the blog, my routine and yey almost all things you that wanna know bout me HAHA especially am i a full-time or a part-time blogger? lol as i got this so many times! here the 10 Q&A with a girl named as Suzai Dathul Ezaidah :)

Click here blog.zahara.com/zahara-warrior-suzai-ezaidah for the full article.

High courtesy to Zahara Cosmetics


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