X Coffee Cafe KL (Japanese Cafe)

X Coffee Cafe | ISETAN KL, Lot 10

Morning! talking about coffee in the early morning excite me the most! haha So, a brand new cafe coming all the way from Japan just opened up their first outlet to public. based on that pretty and bubbly barista, they have another outlet inside an office building which i'd categorized it as semi-public lol haha because i am myself won't go there unless got a meeting there.

FYI this was taken during the launching of the inaugural Isetan Concept Store in Lot 10, KL where me and my dear babe were being offered free testers of one of the most pricey coffee bean, Maruyama Coffee. yup that cuppa in our hand cost approximately RM60+ per cup. woohoo we were damn lucky for getting that for free!

As shown, the coffee is freshly brewed and filtered manually and without any additional of sugar, it being served to us. the taste is undeniably really strong and bold. one sip is enough to connect all the nerve impulses inside our brain and made me headache a bit! because i always prefer my coffee to be soft and creamy LOL haha

Anyhow, this cafe should be actively operating by now and she claimed that those 'normal' coffee will be available too;espresso, cappuccino, latte and etc. sorry don't get the pricing but i bet you can expect a 'normal' fare same with the other contemporary and trendy cafe in town.

Ambiance : 8/10
Food : N/A
Price : 6/10 (its pricey as usual lah but overall experience worth your penny)

Hey as a coffee addict, i do always wanted to share my own view. thus i come out with this idea 

You are most welcome to contact me for a CAFE REVIEW (around KL and Selangor is preferable) just drop me an email and we'll start communicating yar :)
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Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. The cafe looks fancy, I wish there are more tea cafe in KL than coffee place though =)

    1. hahah alamakk x geng lah kita!! haha tp tea place i always wanted to try yg kat starhill gallery tu babe curlasss sgt!!


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