Love and Life

Love is something bizarre to be elaborated in here but Life is something more complicated to be defined ultimately. this few days were not doing so-good towards me. one of the avid reason is my housemates both are leaving due to their own personal reason, one is getting married and another one is just trying to embark in a new environment. yey i have no excuse to not letting them go and im now fully accepting this emotional parting as a cycle of life.. "Nothing is forever though..."

My emotion has been swing like hurricane. sometimes i laughed, next day i cried and the other day i made jokes and again, today i stress and down! huhu its a mixed feeling. yes, i feel sad, distracting, stress, giving up and confuse. its compilation of everything! No cure to this as i am fully aware that the only remediation is turn back to Allah.. Alhamdulillah for this reminder yet im still a sinful and forgetful servant.. MashaAllah..


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