Look #246 - How To Dress For A First Date #SmartCasual

Scarf from Cortesia KL / Unbranded Top / Uniqlo Pants / Vincci Shoes / Michael Kors Bag

I have this sinful thought in my mind that i fail to brain, a first date shouldn't be all dressed up in a too-ladylike garments such skirt or dresses. personally, i think its all about showing the real you! hence, a theme of 'Smart Casual' popped-up into my mind. thus, this look is the best to resemble the whole idea and yup, me!

So, how to dress for a first date? Be smart, Be courteous and Be prepared. i can only think of that Uniqlo pants or a so-called jogger (since it got a cuffed-end) when saying that i need to wear a smart casual attire. paired with that unbranded top which actually is a pre-loved item. ready to drop your jaw as i got it at a bundle shop for only RM5 and hell yeah, im fully satisfy with it! 

Purposely, wearing the same colour of shoes but indirectly, that mid heels shoes extruded girly factor to the whole look. honestly, sky-high heels is too much for a first meeting whilst flat is deadly boring and quite slouchy. hence mid or kitten heels is the best option though. Thanks for reading girls, i hope this is helping and Good Luck! :)

Photographed by SyafiqahHashimxoxo


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