New Haul : Charles & Keith Cut Out Laced Heels

I do always admiring the sexiness and the flirtatious vibe that this kinda heels able to extrude. the "Lace up" feature really gives an impact to the whole design. should i mention that it less pain as the open-toe and the overall cut-out are giving extra spaces to your feet? this is a signature collection by the Charles & Keith which i bought at store with a cost of RM289+ few months ago. honestly, the price is quite astray to my early budget but who can resist a gorgeous shoes as this? OMG i seriously cannot! #CharlesKeith #CharlesKeith Malaysia #IAMWHOIAM

Check here for celebritiy's looks wearing this Lace Up heels and also, here is mine own full look with the shoes Look #240 Airy Confection Feat Marnea KL

Details (courtesy to

Material Description:Kid Suede
Depth (mm):203 mm
Heel Height (mm):High (76-95)
Height (mm):185 mm
Width (mm):78
Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. nothing can go wrong with black shoes and these are just so sexy to go with your style. I was in KLCC last weekend and had my jaw dropped by looking at the people clearing the decks at the store. I was gonna grab a purse maybe but decided not to as I was left with nothing to choose from. sedih.

    Mira | Pretty Little Things

    1. aah yup YES is always making u go crazey!! alamak ciannyaaa nape lambat sgt x sempat grab purse tu?!


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