Look #245 - Timeless Love

Dress from Carvier.KL

A wrap top or dress is indeed a trending statement. investing your penny on a good one would be considered as brilliant act because i'd say this trend is timeless. furthermore, the fact that this kinda cutting able to highlight the curve of a wearer is so admirable.

I got this elegant dress from Carvier.KL via CataloguedOfficial. i fell in love at the first sight when see it hangin on the rack, haha so i just grab it! well, this garment is actually their previous Raya Haji collection but i bet they got more fashionable and affordable pieces, please head to  Carvier.KL or you may visit their offline store, Catalogued in Bangi Sentral. highly recommended!

This photo was taken back in almost 2 months ago. Admiring the sunset at a seaside in Pelabuhan Klang with my one and only #PapaJoe who is also the Photographer of the day! haha thanks Papa Joe, i love you so much! i pray for your consistence health Mr Sukarjo amin.. so, this is my timeless love story :)


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