10 Things To Do in ISETAN KL, Lot 10

im looking so gemok dan pendek huh what a bad angle though! :"(

26.10.2016 | ISETAN KL, Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur

I was being invited to be among the first Malaysian visiting the inaugural ISETAN concept store in Malaysia. specifically, located in Lot 10 Shopping Centre of Bukit Bintang, this 5 level of shopping hall promising that they will satisfy all your Japanese needs and craves! well, let me show you the 10 reasons of why you should also make a visit to this new and massive ISETAN Japan store!

行こう! (lets go!)

"experiencing the seasonal flavour" with K.Ela, her mom and Sabbey. then, that green tea tasted better! :)

1. Savour On the Japanese Foods & Beverages with Your Fellas

Fulfilling your Japanese craving at the level LGF "The Market" where this level is being categorized by few sections; Chaseki/Shuseki, Sushi, Tempura Soba/Udon, Japanese deli, Sweets, Bakery or you may get a bite at the "Food Promotion Space" for F.O.C. har sounds very good ah! 

with my beautiful babes, Shivani, Sab and Caro! :)

2. Shop The Latest Fashion Items 

Obviously, this is my fav part! haha Japanese fashion is well-known with its quirky, fashion-forward streetwear and unique! located at the level 1F named as "The Studio" which featuring both womenswear and menswear. Oh i love that Harajuku popped-up store and also the way they displaying the clothes which is so attractive!

3. Adding On Your Collectible Toys

Im not good at this but i'm fully aware that these are the two famous toys among the collectors; Bearbrick (after hardly googgling the name! haha) and also Gundam! so, yup you may also adding on your personal collection without need to fly all the way to Japan as you can get it in here in Isetan Japan Concept Store at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur. 

4. Shop Home Furnishing For Your Home Sweet Home

They promise that this concept store will be a massive and super variety one. well, i just need to be agree with that fact as you can also get Furniture and Home Decor at this Isetan KL! located at the 2F floor named as "The Room", experience the grateful lifestyle.

5. Play & Learn with the Futuristic Entertainment Provided

Again, its Free! on the 3F level, they separated the floor with 3 sections; Feel, Create and Learn. so that 1st photo where i was inside that "futuristic box" is the state of "Feel" where that 3D game being played with a kinetic motion. i need to move in order to also move the displayed objects on the screen. HAHA go and try it, seriously fun!

6. Create your Own Creative Creation!

Japanese is well-known with their creativity and super intelligent mind in inventing futuristic features as well as new technology to the world. "The Cube" is located at the level 3F and this space here is the state of "Create" where you can transform your own design into a real one such this Fabric Printing! yup its not for display purpose, you can come over here, bring your design, insert into this machine and ta-da print your own printed fabric! let tell me ya'll that the price is super rational, RM50 for 30 minutes can resulted into 1 meter of fabric. So how about wearing your own customized material on the next Hari Raya hehe

7. Calling The Sailormoon Fanatic Fans!

OMG hands up! im one of the fan of this famous Japanese character, Sailormoon too. HAHA well, i reckon all girls watched the series long time ago when it was being aired on our local TV channel. still remember, the show time was like 630pm when we were all coming back from school. HAHA that time i was still in the secondary school though, what a precious memory! hence, to get that feel again, go and visit this special section of "Sailormoon and The gengs" where you can see all their accessories for real. wait, items are for sell but be careful with the price tags yar! hehe

8. Do Some Reading !

Honestly, one of the reason i come to KLCC is because of Konokuniya and now, yey i have another option. this second highest level of 3F is a space like a library where you can do some reading and also book shopping. the set up is super nice and the ambience is totally cosy and relaxing. assuredly, all reading materials are from a Japanese author and Japanese-related. definitely will make another visit and lodging myself at here because i didn't enjoy it during this visit. huhu my fav Japanese books are their fashion book, the photography and their arts guidebook. i can spend hours with them, yup will comeback!

9. Chill out and Have Some Coffee

As a coffee addict, this space is absolutely wowed me! this X Coffee Cafe is like an island-kiosk in the middle of that 'library'. yup meaning that you may enjoy your reading whilst sipping on your favourite latte. omg what a life! actually, there are few cafes in within this 5 floors of Isetan KL such "Time Out Tokyo Cafe" at level 1F (fashion) and "Ukafe" at the level 2F (lifestyle). Gosh definitely, i will comeback for a cafe hopping!

10. Admiring the Japanese Culture

Honestly, we have so much to learn from Japanese cultures especially on their hardworks, their creativity and their courteous attitude where the world recognize for. i'd say visiting this store will ended up make you learn "something". open up your mind and ready to explore each floor as differ floor executing differ vibe and yey differ knowledge :)

thanks babe, i lap you to the max! #MuahBanyakCiked

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai & SabbyPrue

More Details | http://thejapanstore.mistore.jp/my/en/index.html

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