Beauty : My Whitening Regime and Between SPF and PA++

1. SKINFOOD Premium Tomato Sleeping Pack

Contain 20% of tomato extract and stabilized Vitamin C derived which act as an overnight mask (no rinsing) while you are sleeping! this is the real reason im getting this whitening mask as i can apply it and straigh away go to bed. 

Oh I love the smell so much! the texture is slightly watery, very light and absorb well once you applied on the face. take 1 to 2 minutes to get dry and feel like wearing nothing. im still applying this 3 to 4 times in a week, yup not everyday coz i take turn with my another night cream (anti-aging). i dont like to wear them all-in-one coz i have this silly thought which the skin need to do their 'work' one by one, otherwise they will get confuse! HAHA

But so far, i do satisfy with this beauty since i am not getting any sun-burn although i just cameback from a Phuket which later a Cambodia trip where i was under the sun for the whole day. it surprises me too though! i guess this Whitening Sleeping Mask is working!

Got it from ALTHEA for RM43 only

2. NIVEA Instant White Firming Body Serum

I always trust NIVEA for any whitening purpose. hence, i got this at Watsons when i was looking for a UV protection or can act as a day cream for my HAND. yup beauty routine can be as specific as this; whitening, aging, repairing or pigmentation. then whitening itself can be branched into several parts which are for face and body. both shouldn't be the same though. again. i have this silly-but-not-silly thought which i won't apply a 'hand cream' onto my face despite the fact that i own a sensitive skin. hence, to use the same cream is a totally NO NO. 

SPF 33 might sound a little for a sun protection but since it contains 95% higher Vitamin C and this lotion is also for a firming purpose, i just grab it. the liquid is quite sticky at the beginning but feel relief after awhile and yup, the smell is super nice too! haha fragrant-free product is definitely not for me though!

3. BANANA BOAT Ultra Protect Sunscreen Lotion 

This is one of the top brand for a sunscreen protection especially for those outdoor WATER activities. nevertheless, the fact that the SPF is very high (80 PA+++) and it is VERY water resistant which claimed can stand for atleast 80 minutes Wowing me! wohoo i don't need to explain more on why did i bought this for my Phuket trip on few months ago. haha

I bet it works well because i don't get any serious sunburn. the liquid is no greasy but feel a little bit heavy when applied as the colour is real rich but you just need to keep on gliding it. then, it will just follow your skin tone. being the over-protected me, i kept on applying every 60 minutes when exposing to sun while doing the snorkeling activity. its a bit pricey actually because i tube of this 90ml cost of RM36+ but yup, i will stick with this for my next Island-trip!


  • Sun damages on skin are contributed by both UVA and UVB
  • Your skin is not spared from the UV rays damages even on a cloudy day
  • UVB is the cause of sunburn while exposure to UVA led to ugly dark spots, pigmentation and wrinkles
  • A sunscreen with higher SPF provides higher protection against UVB rays to prevent sunburn
  • PA is the protection factor of a sunscreen against UVA rays. If you are out in the sun for hours, make sure you get at least PA++ to prevent photo aging
  • Apply sunscreen lotion to protect the exposed area of the body like limbs, neck and face every day
  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen to act against both UVA and UVB for a total sun protection
  • A water-resistant formulation will help sunscreen lotion stays longer on the skin for longer sun protection.
Courtesy to Oh! Only Health


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