MONKI VIP Party for MONKI Sunway Pyramid Outlet

with Cherrie from the Duo Gigs
the party's vibe 
Thanks babes! 
with Sarah Lian. keep on being the pretty and the sweet Sarah :)
i was coming with empty stomach lol 
always nice seeing these beautiful and famous ladies, Kelly and Hanie till then yar babe! 
dj, i love your playlist though! seriously! 
i was so into the mood and there hafreez looking so descent pulak LOL

19.11.2016 | MONKI of Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur

Thanks Nora, Sher and Nadiah for the invite. it was a fun friday night although i was dehydrated rushing from the office, preparing myself in just 30minutes (which i usually need 2 hours LOL), then hassling in the massive traffic of KL on every Friday's night (yup we were late!) and finally starving and help my growling stomach coz i have not yet having my dinner. yup thanks for the sweet treats though! looking at the familiar faces, it was always nice seeing all these fellas, they are famous yet stay humble and friendly. contohilah mereka yar adik adik semua haha hence, congratulation @monki for this opening! #MonkiMalaysia #Monkistyle

Lovey dovey moment with my adik SyafiqahHashimxoxo. always a good time with you dear, thanks for everything. Jom Mamak lol HAHA to conclude, so now guys

MONKI is available in Sunway Pyramid too! :)


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