Look #248 - I Wear XXS #MonkiStyle

MONKI dress / Uniqlo pants / Jelly Bunny Shoes / Coach Bag / Swatch watch

I reckon that by this time you should know that MONKI style is not just about frenzy prints and quirky but they are housing oversized garments. oversized means i can wear XXS instead of my normal size of M but the cloth is still looking bulky with extra spaces! haha so, take note that MONKI smallest size is XXS up to L yar. 

So, this is a brand new item in my wardrobe which i bought at a cost of RM100. i do love the material, its cotton and a bit elastic, hence its super comfy. then, gosh who doesn't love a roomy pocket on both of the shirt? i can easily put my 'giant' phone inside while hassling in between messy shoppers and doing my own shopping! haha it does help a lot as when i suddenly wanna take it out and take random photos of the massive sales and update the Instagram storyline! lol 

"I used to it, so its easier to deal with it right?" SizzlingSuzaiQuotes

Photographed by SyafiqahHashimxoxo and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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