Three Little Birds Coffee, KL

Three Little Birds Coffee | D7, Jalan Sentul, Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This visit happened on few weeks ago when me and my dear friend here doing our long-lost meet up. why Sentul? because she is working there and since i've something to do in that area too on that particular evening. hence, explaining the choice of this cafe hopping. nevertheless, i've heard the name before as i've seen someone posting about her visit. so, lets find out my own story :)

iced latte RM12
hot latte RM12
Salted Caramel Cake RM12

Foods and beverages. our visit was on the late evening and we're not trying to get something heavy as we just wanna have a quick update on each other while sipping on some nice cuppa. so, i'm not sure if they have some serious meals besides all these sweet and sugary cakes but i saw a blogger updated about her lunch in here. the place was pack and the food is variety. you may read it in here but it was written back in 2015, so im really not sure does the menu stick or changed!

More on the latte. mine is the hot one, i fancy it. i don't think i added any sugar some more as it is already taste sweet enough to my tastebuds. i recommend you to get that salted caramel choc cake, sorry might be a little bit bias here as imma fan of caramel and i love this!

Overall, this is a great place for you to have a private chit-chat with you babe since its 'silent', serene and assuredly cosy. i love the whole ambience during that evening. we owned the whole cafe! haha till about 8pm, slowly about 5 customers came in. thank gad, we're about to leave. haha so my suggestion is come right after working hour (as D7 is actually an office lot) if you wanna have a you-and-me moment! lol

Ambiance : 7/10 (inside is a cute space only hehe but got outdoor seating which is super nice!)
Food : 6/10 
Price : 6/10 (its pricey as usual lah but overall experience worth your penny)

Hey as a coffee addict, i do always wanted to share my own view. yup i did pay a visit to few of them, be it in Malaysia or in those foreign countries yet still the list is lacking to its expectation since haha my main obstacle is money! huhu i need to do the saving REAL HARD since traveling as a hobby is not like shooting fish in the barrel LOL thus i come out with this idea 

You are most welcome to contact me for a CAFE REVIEW (around KL and Selangor is preferable) just drop me an email and we'll start communicating yar :)
Email : | FB page : What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai? | IG : @sizzlingsuzai

Bills paid by my dearest cyg bucuk macam Ayu. hehe thanks Ayu belanja akak kau ni! Terharu!

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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