Look #159 - Formality

HM scarf / MNG shirt / Bridal's belt / Palazzo pants / Vincci heels / Ted Baker London

Salam and Hey its Monday!

Well, this whole look was captured on last Thursday which required me to wear something formal. it was freaking hard for me as formality is NOT my kinda style wherein streetstyle is mine! huhu

Although i nailed the theme, i admit that i played it very very safe! huh i know that too many black on the above part and it is quite boring. sorry for that as this was like the 4th trial. i was really in tense a night before!

Honestly, i regret for keeping it so simple and i swear that on the next time, i won't mind to go overboard. what a so-called fashion blogger i am?! =( moral of the story, do not scared of being a little more excessive, just be confident and strut it fiercely. hmm...

Anyhow, that palazzo pants is given by a friend, thanks Kak Lina (you know who you are right!) and that belt which was a clearance item sold at RM10. it is a very chic one, love it. sorry no zoom in photo of it and goshh i should put on some necklace on top. hmm..again!

Oh ya i love my makeup on that day. it was naturally sweet and ta-da i got blusher on these cheeks! hahahha yup i rarely wear any as in i don't actually wear blusher when doing my makeup. haha sorry no valid reason of that laziness, i just don't feel like wanna put some. LOL XP

Photographed by my dear InnanieAriffin and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. Hello gorgeous there! Baru sempat I nak blogging semula. Kalau tak, update kat insta je.

    Oh, this is the time during the interview rite? Look formal :)

  2. Salam Suzai. ^^ Thank you for following me.
    I do love your natural make up here dear.

    visit My Little Cream Button ♥ Instagram ♥Bloglovin ♥


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