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I am so aroused over this science fiction film when i heard all the positive reviews although i was not really interested at the beginning. whilst the other attraction should be Anne Hathaway is one of the cast. well, i fan her since the Princess Diaries to the Love & Other Drugs though. admittedly, i go and watch this movie without knowing what-is-all-about and not even watch any trailer of it.

Done watching it on last Thursday, i am now so excited to share my thoughts since i was really inspired and excited over the physics formulas features throughout the > 2hrs movie. hahaha fyi i am a former engineering student who always find that Physics (inclusive Thermodynamic!) is the most hardcoret subject which later come the Biology part LOL =P

Be prepared as this gonna be a long one......


The movie started with the earth will become extinct as its facing failure on famine (course by crop failure, population unbalance or gov policies) and pollution unsolved. Cooper (Matthew McConaugheyliving with his father, son and his 10 years old yet adventurous genius daughter, Murphy (Mackenzie Foy).

Cooper and Murphy discover a secret installation led by Dr Brand which later encourage him to join Amelia (Anne Hathaway) and 2 others and pilot the spacecraft Endurance. this 'Plan A' is trying to find a new planet for humankind whilst they gotta 'Plan B' which these astronauts will just starting a new population on that habitable planet and just sacrificing everything about earth huhu

Through the Lazarus mission, they identified 3 potential planets which orbiting the black hole, Gargantua. they are named after the astronauts surveyed there; planet Miller, planet Edmund and planet Mann.

Planet Miller totally fail as its only cover with shallow ocean rolled by enormous tidal waves and it is too close to Gargantua (black hole) which that gravitational pull also cause time dilation (1 hour on the surface is equivalent to 7 years on earth!) when they return to Endurance, it was already 23 years passed there.

Murphy is already 33 years old lady, a NASA scientist whos now working with Dr Brand solving the equation to launch the gigantic space station as a conventional rocket fail to do so. a dying Dr Brand claim that this project is impossible without additional data from the black hole's singularity.

While in the space, with the limited fuel they are refusing to follow Amelia's instinct that the Edmund planet is more potential compared to the Mann planet. so, they landed on the Mann planet and found that the survived astronaut Dr Mann (Matt Damon) is faking all the data in which this planet is not habitable at all!

Endurance is seriously damage and with little fuel, Cooper detach himself to get into the black hole and find that 'singularity' answer to the Brand's equation and caused Amelia to slingshot around Gargantua and finally to the Edmunds planet.

Surprisingly, Cooper emerged in an extra-dimensional 'tesseract' which leads him to Murphy's bedroom at various time. nah, here is the very end of the movie in which the solution of everything is finally here. so, as usual i won't continue and let your guessing game switch on when watching the movie later. haha so good luck! :)


Although pack with those formulas and analysis yet this movie involved emotional scenes as well. initiated with the departure of Cooper to join the NASA team (he is the former test pilot-turned-farmer ) leaving Murphy whos refusing his dad to go. gosh this is too sad for me HAHA yup i was crying for real since Cooper is not confirm to be back, maybe died or maybe he will just being abandoned on any planet lol. (T_T)

Now, come the heavy part which i'd like to clarify some of the formulas used. well i was too blur when watching it although i heard and learned during classes. i couldn't remember as i am done my studies on 2012. nothing left in this brain anymore!

So, first one is the Binary Code sent by the 'ghost' behind Murphy's big book shelf whos always trying to communicate with her. the massage is the coordinate to the NASA secret installation led by Dr Brand. Binary Code is in the digit of 1 and 0 which later can be converted into a decimal number as followed:

Next would be the extra-dimensional 'tesseract' where time appears as spatial dimension. teserract is a 8-cell cube or cubic prism. ok this one is toughest one me haha yet i understood it acts as a 4-D hypercube of 4 cube! you need to watch the last scene of Cooper being emerged in between Murphy's childhood bedroom with different time duration portrays as in below feature.

OK i am already dizzy here doing the searching and try my best to understand all these scientific junks LOL haha but let me complete it with the last formula involved. they also implying Morse Code to solve the Brand's equation. i was really curious since the coding was just being transmitted by a wrist watch lorh.

So, this is the Morse Code which method of transmitting code into text as a series of on-off tones, lights or clicks by a skilled listener without needing any special equipment. well sorry i just learn about this which any of the dots and dashes can also be converted into an alphabet as showing above. COOL!

This code is popular among radio operators, pilot and air traffic controllers. the simplest one is SOS with 3 dots, 3 dashes and 3 dots. should remember this lorh.

It was really NOT fun though watching it without having any basic idea of those formulas. thanks Interstellar for making me soooo damn curious and ta-da here what i could provide you before you heading to the cinema. trust me that by gaining these 3 formulas, the movie will be more more interesting to you! :)

OK apart of the physics idea, im extremely admiring both Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan for writing this whole story. gosh how can you guys having that astonishing imagination which is incredible awesome!

Then, the graphical effects are undeniably breathtaking. the silent space is pumping up my adrenaline. haha i don't know why but it ignites nerves inside me when thinking that unexpected things will just occur anywhere at anytime....and nobody knows. huhu thats explaining that i am not brave enough to even have a little thought being an astronaut!  =P

hahhaha so Obviously, my rank is 4.5 out of 5. one of the best movie i've ever watched. thanks peeps for visiting and reading. :)


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