Look #157 - Javanese Vibe

HM scarf / Unbranded kimono cardigan / Pants from ChiangMai / Boots from Bandung

Salam and Kabare People! :)

Hahaha genetically i got that java blood running trough this vein as my dad is a Tanjung Karang's Javanese. sadly, i couldn't speak any of the language as me and my sister, we are in the 3rd generation of the family. hmm..what a waste huh!

So, this whole look came out because i was trying to blend with the Balinese cultures. yup the location was at the famous Tanah Lot of Bali during my recent visit. Bali is very different though; the arts, the architectures, the beliefs are all very bold and admiring.

Anyhow, that attractive pants was not being purchased at any places in Indonesia. surprisingly, it was from Chiangmai during the last company trip. oh i love the batik prints on it and that layering is the main reason of purchasing. classic yet artistic.

Thanks for viewing peeps! :)


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