Bali Trip Part 4/4 : Seafood Festive at the Jimbaran Beach

Salam and Hey, TGIF! :D

I guess the cover photo suits my current mood very well. haha the finally-its-Friday mode is turning on and can't wait for the coming weekend. well nothing special, just a few wedding invitations and aiming to finish some blogpost. haha yup thats my usual-boring weekend! LOL

OK lets get back to the BALI story. nah this LAST part is focusing on one of the main attraction in Bali, The Jimbaran Beach. this place is so popular among tourist to enjoy a seafood dinner while witnessing the sunset. 

Honestly, i fallen in love with this place. we reached at the perfect time when the sun is ready to disappear. it was totally magnificent and spectacular! thank gaaadd it was not raining though the weather is perfect as perfect as the foods.

While we were savoring our dinner, suddenly fireworks ignited from another part of the beach. WAAHHHhh it was soooo romantic!!! hahah i don't know how to visualize it but yup, this place is highly recommended to visit. :) plus they even prepare some performances for us; the live music band and the traditional dance. it was really fun!

As for the Muslim, insyAllah its a Halal restaurant as all the seafood restaurant along this Jimbaran beach serves ONLY seafood and they grilled it. oh i love the squid, prawn, crabs and err everything lah! hahaha ok let me just excite your anticipation with this conclusion

Food : 4/5
Ambiance : 4.5/5 (aircond is being replaced with natural breeze by the sea, walawehhh!)
Location : Kuta South District

Photographed and Edited by SizzlingSuzai

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Last word, i do enjoy Bali :) Thanks for reading peeps!


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  1. hajar--> aah best! hhhaha as ppl always claimed kan..shoud go one day :)

  2. MKH --> sory dear i dont have the price list n costing as this is my company trip...hahahha so everthing is paid by the boss ...hehehhe tq btw 4 asking n i believe its no expensive it is affordable :)

  3. tak sabarnyeeeee... mihmih.. love you writing babe! :)


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