Kotex® Soft and Smooth Launched with 360 Glam Cam!

Speakers sharing their own 'secret' moments
The exciting emcee Julie Woon
Diana Danielle is undeniably pretty.
 360 Glam Cam which comes with a video shot! hahaha can't wait to share mine. haha later ah!
hahahha #selfie and girls are just made for each other!
met her for this 2nd time and she stays lovely and sweet :)
yeahhhh we brought home a COACH bag! woohhh awesome goodies thanks #KotexMalaysia
my #bloggerbuddy as always Kelly Anis Asyik Sherry Fana Wiida Sab Me Elana :)

Kotex® Unveils New-and-Improved Kotex® Soft & Smooth alongside Kick Off of 'Beat The Gush' Campaign

For a woman, protection during periods is of utmost importance; but it’s not just about preventing leakages, it’s about dealing with the sudden gushes that happen: unpleasant and unexpected episodes that can disrupt any woman’s day. The new-and-improved Kotex® Soft & Smooth range, launched together with the exciting ‘Beat the Gush’ campaign, help address this need, telling women they do not need to let these sudden gushes get in their way!

The new Kotex® Soft & Smooth now comes with:

Rapid Absorb Core 
to help absorb sudden gushes immediately and directly at the source for exceptional protection
Micro-Dri Cover 
with more than 3,000 micro holes for fast and effective absorption
Infinity Lock System 
with side barriers and deep channels, providing all-around protection against leaks

Supporting the Kotex® ‘Beat the Gush’ Campaign are confident women who believe in seizing the day and not allowing anything, even sudden gushes, get in their way! They include celebrity Diana Danielle, Aileen See, Marketing Manager, Kimberly-Clark Malaysia to Abby from WOMEN:girls.

Find out more on the Kotex® Malaysia

Photos courtesy of KotexMalaysia


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  1. Aritu kita dapat undangannya tapi terpaksa tolak, jauh sangat..kalau tak dapat berjumpa.. :(

  2. Aritu kita dapat undangannya tapi terpaksa tolak, jauh sangat..kalau tak dapat berjumpa.. :(

  3. lah yeke awk dr mana? kn xp insyAllah klu jmp next time tego2 tau :D

  4. bestnya!

    beauty fashion and lifestyle blog here:
    Najlaa 'Aqilah

  5. haiishh laju update nih..hehe.. lawa2 gambr kita..;)


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