Bali Trip Part 3/4 : Parasailing at Tanjung Benoa and Turtle Island

The departure..
Yeahhhhh #SizzlingSuzaiIsFlying For REAL!
lepas tuh...pendaratan yang kecundang haha seb beik tak masuk dlm laut! LOL
the busy beach!

Parasailing / Watersport at Tanjung Benoa

We reached this place via boat and we're so surprise suddenly seeing the busy sky when getting near the beach! LOL this place is so happening with the watersport activities; banana boat, flying boat, tour boat, jet ski, this parasailing and etc etc. the sky looks colourful and fascinating with those parasail wings all over the place. fancy it :)

Nah, it was my VERY FIRST time trying the thing and it was actually my dream since long long time ago. Alhamdulillah finally gotta chance to really FLY high up on the sky and the experience is as expected AWESOME Giler kot!! i was trying to fly with my camera but the assistant were not allow it. Huh what a waste as the aerial perspective from above is undefined. crystal water sparkles stunningly and i was just enjoying myself very much. Oh if im not mistaken the fees is like RM50..

cian kura kura tu.....err 
My FIRST time (finally succeed!) and Goshh i HATE snake!
again, i am NOT an alcoholic drinker :)

Turtle Island (Nusa Dua)

I was actually wondering when seeing the Turtle Island visit in our itinerary. Err we went all the way to Bali to see turtle??? i was like, i wanted to see more temples puhhhlezzzz! yup another STUPID joke from the planner and tourist guide! sorry i just hate him so much though poor him.

Anyhow, this is a FREE trip paid by my company. so, what to complaint about Suzai, just enjoying yourself lorh. thus, i'd like to conclude that DON'T WASTE your time going here as i believe that BALI got lot of other things which are MORE EXCITING ready to be explore. Peace!

Hey thanks for reading this 3rd part. will continue the LAST 4th part very soon yet if you haven't read the previous episode hahaha please do proceed :) 

Photographed and Edited by SizzlingSuzai

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To Be Continue....Bali Trip Part 4 (Last)


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  1. OMG u did parasailing on your ownn?! the last time i got on that i was with the instructor because i was terrified that i wont be able to safely land hahaha

  2. So much fun!! I pernah try parasailing sekali je, I was nervous but once day kat atas..happy tak nak turun


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