[Gambar] EH! Konsert 2014

with ma babe, thanks yang :)
opening act by DJ Nas
hosted by Sazzy Falak ft Alif from H Live
Misha Omar throwback the memory with her hit song ever, 'Bunga-Bunga Cinta'
Altimet and Nabil giving their best with 'Kalau Aku Kaya' !
Oh oh she won The Best Dress of teh night. personally given by me LOL this is too gorgeous!
Alyah sang my favourite song; Sesal Separuh Nyawa. goshhh love this song so much!
FAB Fazura also here! she even made her debut, she sings! OMG! she looks really adorable but honestly, your acting is much much better. hehe :)
Pretty Adira with her new look. hey, i'd say that her voice is the greatest one on that night.
Fourteen singing their hit tracks as well. Izue Islam sure is the highlight but hey i love that guy at the very right one. he gotta warm smile and assuredly, a nice voice. ^^
Oh oh finally i gotta meet Dayang. goshh Saya Sayang Dayang :)
OOHHHMYYYYGAAADDDDD he is the main reason i was there. rushing from two weddings beforehand to this KL live. so dem excited to listen to his killer voice lively and dying to meet him for real. Hafiz, i LOVE you!!! =D

EH! Konsert and EH! 20 Yang Anggun Dan Disenangi 2014 by EH! magazine. happened on 8th November 2014 at the KL Live. Photographed by SizzlingSuzai. courtesy of KellySunshine for the tix, thanks babe! :)


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