Look #154 - Me and My Snuggie

hahaha please ignore that green guy LOL XD
 HM scarf / Unbranded snuggie / F21 oversized kimono cardigan / Reebok leggings / Boots and Bag from Bandung

Salam and Hey Fashion Conscious!

Well i know that i have already posted few posts since i came back yet they were not really personal. so here, i'd like to say Hi! readers sorry for being silent for the past 3 and 1/2 weeks. Oh those 10 days of my Europe trip were undeniably astonishing and memorable! can't wait to blog about it but hey i need to settle this BALI one first haiyoo....now i'm literally dead....

Yep the location of this shot was in BALI. this is one of my favourite look so far. honestly i was dying to wear that snuggie / oversized Tee? / maxi dress? or whatever you call it when i bought it at a bazaar years ago (it was somewhere around 2012!) but i just couldn't find a way on how to make it looks good on me. haha such a complicated person i am!

Nah i got the solution when i was also keen to re-wear that tribal cardigan and reckon to make it looks difference. it is really nice to be pair with that plain, boring and dull snuggie as that bold cardigan will makes the overall outfit stands out without any excessive accessories or etc etc

Hopefully you love it too hehe and thanks guys for visiting, viewing and reading. have a GREAT weekend! :)

P/S: 021165 HAPPY BIRTHDAY my forever crush SHAH RUKH KHAN! :D


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  1. I love ur cardigan, and i really happy u look so happy in Bali. <3

  2. kak asyik --> TQ kak :)

    Ijad --> thanks please keep on visiting for more awesome shot dear hehe

    adilla --> yup i was having FUN at BALI and cant wait to shore more photos which i captured w this Canon and the full story hehe


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