Look #156 - Beat That Gush!

Unbranded Silk Scarf / Shirt from London / F&F pants / Vincci Heels / Charles&Keith Bag

Salam and Hey its Friday!

Well, the gush inside this look is that white shirt! as white is always being avoided by a fatty girl like me HAHAHHAA but i was keen to beat that 'gush' by wearing it on the last last night. ya right, as posted before it was at the #KotexMalaysia #BeatTheGush event where i intended to look sleek and just nice.

Bought that shirt in Primark jerrr hehe during my visit to London. can't help to have this piece although its simple because i fancy the length and the fishtail cutting so much.

Then, that printed pants is just ridiculous. i got it at TESCO with only RM29! i fell in love with the prints and material. fyi its a F&F collection in which i recommended ya'll guys to check out the collection at TESCO Mutiara Damansara. seriously, they always have great items at the racks!

Btw OOHHHMYYYGADDDD guys, i got a GREAT GREAT GREAT news to share yet i'm holding it first, will make a special post soon yar. Thanks for visiting peeps. :)

Photographed by WiidaRibbon


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