Look #155 - Before Sunset

HM scarf / Mango top / Pants from Jakarta / Bag from Bandung / Cap from Bali / Vern's sandal

Salam and Hello beauty readers!

So here is my next #ootd during the previous BALI trip. the location was at the famous Jimbaran Beach where people witnessing the sun slowly disappearing while having their dinner. it was a magnificent experience and can't wait to share the full story in here. wait ah, one by one ah! haha

Well, the highlight of this look should be that special pants. it was given by my sister which she bought at Jakarta. thanks though as i love it so much especially when the wind blowing that extra 'veil' there. sorry don't really know the right term but seriously, it was a great idea to wear it at a beach hehe

Thus, i stay simple on the others, the top and the shoes. please know that the strap sandal was one of my wishlist although i am not really fancy the quality, thats the best i could find. lol yet its still comfy enough. :)

Memory is a wonderful thing if you don't have to deal with the past 
- Before Sunset (2004)

Thanks for reading.


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