[Behind The Scene] SizzlingSuzai was on BellaTV @NTV7 !!

the panels of the day with the pretty host, Belinda Chee :)
the lovely set!
everybody was like extremely courteous for the whole time lorh '=.=
then suddenly,  HAHAHA idk why i was too happy LOL XD
hahha this was in the midst of commercial break! XD LOL
HAHAHA so this is the real me, a playful and a very fun one! =)
Fabulous ladies; Jade, Nanie, Belinda, Yours truly and Alice

Salam and Hey dearest readers! :)

Alhamdulillah (praise to Allah) would be the best word describing this incredible experience. i have never imagined this would ever happen in my life yet i do always dreaming about it. be on TV and yup, it was a LIVE show were just freaking amazing!

For those who following my Instagram and FB, assuredly already seen the vigorously updates! hehe i was extremely enthusiastic over this project as it is my media debut though. i am not yet being featured in any magazine or newspaper. then, out of sudden a tv production invited me to be one of the guest. i was like OOHHMYYGADD!!! (yup literally its dropping my jantung!)

OK of course, I was a bit nervous since it was my first time being on TV, it was a LIVE show which you just couldn't expect for any 'pause' button and hey hahaha its an english-spoken show. honestly, i am comfortable with the language eventhough i am not really a good speaker but hey, just be prepared and be confident! :)

Last but not least, @NTV7 and Bella TV thank you so much for this astounding and priceless opportunity. well, i gained and learned a lot! thanks also for ya guys for the constant supports and lovesss. please keep on visiting and i will keep on updating! :)


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