ADA APA DENGAN CINTA (2014) Full Video

Rangga sama Cinta nya :)

OHHHHMYYYYGADDDDD Cinta and Rangga is coming back!!! the full video here just released on yesterday 6th November 2014 and this short drama already gained 30,206 like on Youtube! yup AADC fans (T.T) you heard me na? its a MINI DRAMA by LINE apps. goshhhhhhh i was dem dem dem excited when watching the trailer as i thought they are coming back for AADC 2 in cinema..! sedih bangat deh....... (T.T)

Anyhow, before my depression effected your excitement, kindly watch the FULL MINI DRAMA of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2014 brought to you by LINE jeongmal gumawuh yeo! :)

It is soooooo great to see the #AlumniAADC all are back in here. goshhh i will never forget Cinta Alya Karmen Milly Maura hahahha still remember back in 2002, when me and my girls (also got 5 members) named ourselves based on these characters. hahahha please guess mine is what leyh? =P

Oh RANGGA you are still smocking HOT although without that meggi haircut! LOL emangnya aku ini jatuh cinta sama kamu karna rambut mu itu dong! hahahha seriously tapi enggak di nafikan Rangga masih di hati ini.............................goshhhhhhh NICHOLAS SAPUTRA aku cinta sama kamu! HAHAHAHHAHHAA

OK i know that tonight mode is swinging! hahaha well imma BIG FAN of Dian Sasterawardoyo as well. besides this phenomenon movie, i also fanning her Ungu Violet so much. oh please know that it is my second fav of indonesian film after AADC.

Truth speaking, Indonesian film is totally different. i do always impress with the cinematography, the colours of the whole picture and also the storyline. OK as in Malaysia, i should say Kabir Bhatia's are my favourite. :)

HAHAHA i already went off from the main idea here. OK last word, me with a pure and tremendous hope, praying that a REAL SEQUENCE of AADC (2002) will be made. never stop praying as fans, the hope is there...

“Ini awal, bukannya akhir. Mudah-mudahan this is new beginning of something. Filem AADC itu berakhir di airport, tapi akan ada sesuatu yang baru,” ulas Nicholas Saputra tentang sekuel pendek ini seperti dilaporkan media Indonesia baru baru ini.

Oh oh this movie is always one of my FAV Love Story. i'm not sure how many times i've watch it lorh and even i memorize some of the scripts okeyhh...hahahha especially the poem part, "Bosan aku dengan penat, enyah saja kau pekat" LOL LOL

ADA APA DENGAN CINTA 2...with hope....


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  1. OMG! OMG!!!!!! I'm a huge AADC fan as well!!!!! Big yes to a sequel!! Aww~ the movie is like one of the things that me and my high school girlfriends have bond over and a sequel is definitely welcomed!
    xoxo, Mira |


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