Bali Trip Part 1/4 : The Famous Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot

the arriving :)
the team! :)

Salam and Hey Traveler! :)

Thanks guys for being patience on waiting my travelogue post. haha surprisingly this is the fastest one as it was just happening on the last September 2014! fyi this is my company trip which is fully sponsored, thanks a lot boss! so, costing or budgeting is excluded in this blogpost yar. :')

The flight took about 2hrs and half from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar Internaional Airport (DPS) or also known as Ngurah Rai Airport. Thus, here is the Part 1/4 of Bali travelogue. trying my best to share the beautiful look of Bali, rambling on few places that we visited, the activities, perhaps some local foods and suggested accommodation too. keep on scrolling yar! ^^

Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu)

i'm just so much in love with this walkaway ... deep and mysterious hehe
muka cam cempedak penyek lol panah weih!
stunnningggg stunninggg!
freaking nice kan?!
double stunning, Subhanallah :)
oh well, this kinda pose is compulsory! =D

Once we arrived, the bus straightaway took us to the area of Kuta South District which located one of the 9 key directional temples of Bali, The Uluwatu Temple. yup as shown in the photos, the day was freaking hot! i was sweating like hell but once i walked towards the bay, the view kills it all. it was so stunning with the sparkling calm water and that natural cliffs at the end. Subhanallah. :)

Anyhow, through my reading people always leave this place to visit near dawn. plus there gonna be a Balinese ritual performance called as 'Kecak and Fire Dance' in which we all didn't know about it. huh what a waste! ok truth to be told, our tour guide is the WORST planner i've ever met. will conclude at the end of the post, later ah!

Kuta Street

obviously in Indonesia haha
enjoying the live band outside of a mall. skip the pronunciation but hey they are GREAT! :)
tee keychain fridge magnet everything in here. im NO a collector though.

This is one of the main street in Bali. busy with vehicles and people. located great hotels, KFC, McD, Pizza Hut, bunch of seafood restaurants, pubs and bars, souvenir shops, malls and yup, the most famous one, Kuta Beach and Hard Rock Cafe/Hotel Bali are also in this district.

Seriously, it is hard to find Halal food in here. all of the seafood restaurants are serving pork. my friend claim that the KFC is halal yet i didn't make my way there. anyhow, there are plenty of Nasi Padang houses too but you just need to go deep into the aisles. i don't know how to explain but they are like behind the KFC ?? try to ask the local where is Nasi Padang shop err..good luck! haha

Tanah Lot Temple (Pura Tanah Lot)

group photo! :D
again, nice kan?!
group photo some more leyh...haha teka mana satu boss sy?! LOL
gossip girls under the bright shinny day!
its wet but still happy!
pls don't imagine what happened to her after the wave hit the shore!HAHA what a memory LOL
like a photo tampal X) impressive!

Indeed, you are not yet being in Bali if there is no photo of you at the Tanah Lot. hahaha this is only my personal thought though Tanah Lot Temple is not inclusive in that Bali's 9 directional temples. nevertheless, this temple is the popular one among tourist and also a cultural icon for photography.

The 6th photo shows the temple rested on the large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years. i am so fascinated with the overall view. well, i guess please avoid the flood tide as you cannot go down there, getting near the temple area and plus, it is not cool if the rocks are covered with water. thanks for reading and :)

Bali Trip Part 1/4 : The Famous Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot
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Photographed and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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